As a result of Greencorps Chicago Youth Program, participants reported that:

87% were more likely to bike as a result of the program
66% were more likely to garden as a result of the program
94% understand healthy eating options better as a result of the program
78% feel more connected to their neighborhood as a result of the program
93% gained employable or transferable skills as a result of the program
92% would recommend the program to a friend
88% would participate in the program again
96% felt welcome at their school site

GCYP sites reported that they had at least:

287 volunteer hours
39 outside speakers
53 project sites
35 community groups
1671 linear feet of crops planted

and each site participated in at least:

339 total rides (averaging 3.5 miles per ride) with rides totaling to 1,187 miles

GCYP sites cumulatively biked 49,980 miles over the summer, which means an average of almost 75 miles per participant!

Greencorps Chicago Youth Program participants cared for at least: 

240 trees on school campuses
81 trees on streets
70 trees with Chicago Park District
445 trees with Openlands
43 trees in gardens