Greencorps Chicago

Greencorps Chicago is rooted in education and reinforced with experience on real-world projects. The classroom training is intensive in the early stages of the program as trainees gain the knowledge and skills required to work on projects. The knowledge learned in training is then applied and continually reinforced on projects throughout the Chicagoland region.

Greencorps participants are trained to install and maintain:

– Landscaping and Construction
– Tree Care
– Ecological Restoration
– Green Infrastructure

Trainees earn certifications in:

– OSHA 10 hr General Safety Standards
– IL Pesticide License
– Chicago Wilderness/Midwest Prescription Burn
– First Aid and CPR

dismantling_beaver_dam_hegewisch_marsh treating_woody_resprouts_at_Willow_Sanders
Dismantling a Beaver Dam at Hegewisch Marsh Treating Woody Resprouts at Willow Sanders
tree_planting_chicago_botanic_garden DPD Englewood Trail 6_2_2017
Balled and burlapped tree planting at the Chicago Botanic Garden Landscaped resting area at the Englewood Trail